Brand Launch: Our Vision for the Future

Our ‘Brand Launch’ series gives us the chance to present our vision for the future, being cognisant of our global brand working at local levels, in markets where the transition to net zero is not only at different stages, but also moving at different paces.

In my mind, there’s no better way to outline our vision for the future than through words of our CEOs. So, I’ve gathered their thoughts for you, to give view of how we’ll be looking to support our different markets on their journey, while working towards the same global vision.

Our Vision:

To lead the way to a 100% renewable energy system that delivers a better future for all.

Global Perspective:                

“Our customers are changing, and we must too. That change is towards customers who want to be 100% renewable and have a ‘net zero roadmap’. So, we’re changing to become focused on being a 100% renewable company, for customers who want to be 100% renewable themselves. Having a laser focus on our vision at a global level, we’ll be ensuring our business commitments help us walk the talk, with a clear roadmap for product innovation, alongside ensuring transparency around our own net zero journey: including more in-depth reporting on our ESG commitments and our delivery against them. It’s a very exciting next step for us to take and will ensure we stay relevant in the future.”

Robert Groves, CEO, SmartestEnergy Group

UK SME Perspective:

“We want to ensure all small and medium size businesses in the UK can secure competitive renewable energy contracts, and report with confidence. We’ll not only be ensuring our product innovation aligns with wider UK objectives and timelines, but we’ll be focusing on the ease of doing business with us by delivering a seamless digital customer experience for our customers and partners. To empower SMEs to make the switch from fossil fuels to renewables, we’re shaping up plans to reward their renewable purchases and help them better asses their carbon footprint and energy use metrics.”

Louise Wapshare, CEO, SmartestEnergy Business, UK 

US Perspective:

“In the US we’re committed to the global vision, and working to expand our presence from the Northeast where we established our US business in 2019, to support as many states as possible as they map out their roadmaps to transition to clean energy. We’ll be educating, providing insights and utilizing our international experience to help businesses become more active participants in the energy market and deliver on the sustainability targets.”

Andy Cormie, CEO SmartestEnergy, US

Australian Perspective:

“Our customers are calling out for innovative renewable retail solutions, and we’ve got the experience and expertise to support them. In Australia, we’ll be driving forward to help businesses of all sizes adopt renewable energy and report with confidence. The scale of renewable deployment is impressive and it’s changing the system rapidly. Our 100% renewable offering and our insight into the market dynamics, will ensure we build partnerships aligned with our vision and supportive of the clean energy transition.”

Rob Owens, CEO SmartestEnergy, Australia

As we continue to communicate our vision for the future, we’ll be ensuring we keep our customers and stakeholders informed about our plans and updated on progress. We’re looking forward to keeping you informed about our net zero journey, as we look to support yours.