Empowering a Switched on Generation Together

At SmartestEnergy, our partners are not just intermediaries; they are our valued collaborators on the path to a brighter and more sustainable energy future. The ever-evolving energy industry demands collaboration, trust, and a deep understanding of the market. SmartestEnergy is focused on helping our partners and customers understand the language around ‘becoming green’ – what it means for electricity contracts and related benefits. We do so by empowering, educating, and enabling our partner’s needs to achieve their sustainability goals with our pragmatic and innovative solutions. 

Our dedicated Channel Partner Managers provide personalized assistance, address queries, and offer guidance on navigating the complexities of the energy industry. They offer valuable market insights, enabling our partners to stay competitive and agile. Equally important, we offer a devoted support team and automated reporting systems to facilitate seamless transactions. By fostering strong relationships with our partners, our Channel Partner Managers not only enhance the confidence in our company but ensure they have the support necessary to thrive in an ever-evolving market.

Fueling Connections Through Events and Sponsorships

Our commitment to our partners' and customers' satisfaction extends beyond business transactions. We've taken a proactive approach to nurture and support our partners by creating opportunities that go beyond the workplace cultivating partnerships that energize. Attending conferences, trade shows, and seminars not only helps us stay up to date with industry trends but also allows us to remain accessible to our partners. Furthermore, each Channel Partner Manager takes the time to conduct in-person partner and customer visits, ensuring a tailored and hands-on approach to our relationships. Actively engaging with our partners and customers in diverse settings, we gain a deeper insight into their aspirations and priorities allowing us to create personalized solutions. It's these face-to-face interactions that foster lasting connections and demonstrate our dedication to supporting our partners' success.

SmartestEnergy is committed to active participation in, and support of, industry events and initiatives that carry the endorsement of our esteemed partners. The recent appointment of our Head of Strategic Partnerships and Sales, Matt Stasium signifies our dedication to collaborations that drive value for our partner network. Leveraging his extensive industry expertise, Matt alongside our team of Channel Partners brings training, education, and invaluable market insights to our partners empowering them to make switched on energy decisions and maintain their competitive edge. This distinguished participation serves as a resounding testament to our ongoing efforts to foster strategic collaborations that yield direct benefits for our partner network.

SmartestEnergy is committed to actively participating in and endorsing The Energy Professional Association (TEPA). Through our participation, we aim to actively contribute to industry growth and drive positive change in the energy sector. Channel Partner Manager, Meghan Stevens, sits on the board as Co-Conference Chair directly assisting with their annual events, offering expert guidance, and ensuring a seamless collaboration between TEPA and SmartestEnergy. In addition, the team has been working with TEPA and their Sustainability Committee to generate awareness of net zero at a national level. Through these initiatives, we're not just supporting our brokers; we're building a community of partners, all united in our commitment to a sustainable and efficient energy future.