This statement sets out our obligations in relation to Standard Condition 13 of the Electricity Supply Licence.

This Statement covers:

  • Recruitment and training of representatives visiting your premises
  • Identification of representatives
  • Customer information specific to you
  • Advice

Recruitment and training

All our representatives are fully trained before being allowed to visit your premises. They are subject to comprehensive checks during the recruitment process, and must adhere to strict codes of conduct.

This means that staff will be:

  • Polite and respectful
  • Able to explain the purpose for their visit
  • Professional, and possess the necessary skills to perform the required function
  • An expert in their field, and able to inform you on request of contact point for any help and advice in relation to the electricity supply

Identification of representatives

All of our representatives can be readily identified by a member of the public and will carry an identity card showing:

  • Their name, employee number and signature
  • A phone number you can call, should you wish to confirm their identity
  • Whilst uniforms are individual to the representative’s employer, and usually branded neutrally, an identity card will always be shown before entry to your premises

Customer information specific to you

Staff are trained to treat all customers as individuals, more specifically:

  • Where additional information gained on site would be useful to add to your account for future correspondence then our representative will record the information and feed this back to our customer services department
  • If you have specific requirements, our representatives will endeavour to help meet these, or refer to the appropriate contact for resolution


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For further information, please contact the Customer Services team on +44 (0)1473 234150.