Leveraging online trading technology to maximise generation project revenues

In this latest blog Head of Sales for Smart Generation, Angus Widdowson gives an overview of our new SmartFlex platform, which gives electricity generators the ability to trade online and maximise the value they can obtain from a flexi PPA.

Over the past few months we’ve seen a number of market factors causing volatility in wholesale prices. Coming out of what had already been a bearish winter due to mild weather conditions and a global oversupply of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), the impacts of Covid-19 necessitating lockdown scenarios across the world and the subsequent demand destruction associated with it led to low prices across energy markets.

Now, the UK and other countries are just beginning to take the first tentative steps back towards normality (as far as that may be possible). Whilst we will no doubt be going back to a changed version of normal, the resumption of business activities has seen a bounce-back in demand for power, gas and other fuels critical for powering businesses. Naturally, increased demand has therefore increased wholesale prices once again.

So, in a world where the Summer-20 power contract closed at an all-time low of £26.50/MWh, and the Winter-20 contract trades far higher at around £42-£43/MWh, we asked ourselves, how can generators navigate that landscape successfully? – Our new online portal, SmartFlex provides a digital tool that enables generators with a flexible PPA to quickly respond to price opportunities at the click of a button.

SmartFlex is a portal where generators can manage their market position, view transactable prices live from SmartestEnergy’s trading desk and lock and unlock volume through instant online transactions when the market moves.

Our trading portal also enables generators to submit limit-order quotes; putting triggers in place to trade pre-defined volumes in response to market prices reaching levels set by them, either above current levels or below, acting as a virtual floor.

However you choose to use it, our SmartFlex trading portal gives you the tools you need to maximise your generation project’s revenues. You can read more about the platform on our dedicated page, or if you would like to speak to someone and have a demonstration, book a virtual meeting with one of the team here.

SmartestEnergy’s FlexiPPA is available to independent generators and portfolio operators.