150MW of renewable energy  to be managed through SmartestEnergy’s SmartFlex platform as they partner with enfinium
Company news

SmartestEnergy is pleased to announce the start of a new partnership with enfinium that started in October. enfinium is one of the largest Energy from Waste operators in the UK and their mission is to transform waste into energy to help power homes, businesses and the circular economy.  

enfinium’s Ferrybridge 1 & 2 are two of the UK’s most efficient Energy from Waste facilities. These two modern facilities divert 725,000 tonnes of post-recyclable waste from landfill every year to produce renewable energy to power local communities. Each facility exports up to 85MW electricity to the National Grid which is enough to meet the needs of up to 370,000 UK homes and businesses.

The 5-year contract provides enfinium with SmartestEnergy’s FlexiPPA structure giving them direct access to wholesale markets. It also offers access to the latest edition of SmartestEnergy’s SmartFlex Platform which enables enfinium to track the market and carry out sophisticated hedging transactions at the click of a button.

“Our team are delighted with our recent partnership with enfinium, a leading renewable generation company who share our vision to decarbonise the National Grid and reach the UK’s net zero targets. The addition of their renewable energy to SmartestEnergy’s portfolio, further enhances our renewable supply for our I&C customers, adding to our existing wind, solar and Energy from Waste PPAs” said Angus Widdowson, Head of Smart Generation Sales

“enfinium are pleased to form this new partnership with SmartestEnergy for our Ferrybridge 1 and 2 facilities in Yorkshire. Ferrybridge 1 and 2 provide low-carbon firm power to the National Grid providing a reliable source of homegrown energy” said Mark Corben, Chief Financial Officer