SmartestEnergy’s Making the Switch to a New Brand Identity
Company news

SmartestEnergy is launching its new brand identity centred on its efforts to empower a greener generation. 

SmartestEnergy launches its new brand identity with a commitment to helping its customers build knowledge and confidence in clean energy, enabling switched on businesses to make greener choices and transition to net zero carbon.  

With a 20+ year history of driving energy markets forward, SmartestEnergy has doubled down to refocus its efforts on the energy transition and what it will take to support generators and businesses in the current and future energy system, to drive positive change.  

Commenting on the rebrand’s significance for Group Companies, Robert Groves, CEO SmartestEnergy Group, said, “We have a great name that says what we do – SmartestEnergy. And our refined brand positioning makes it very clear that we’re focused on being a 100% renewable company for customers who want to be 100% renewable themselves; underpinning this effort, and the energy transition as a whole, is our longstanding relationship with independent renewable generators and flexible assets.”  

Louise Wapshare, CEO SmartestEnergy Business, added, “Small and medium size businesses in the UK need a simple and viable way to procure renewable energy to support the transition to net zero. With our strong brand positioning, we’ll be able to better engage with switched on SMEs looking to take the next step on their sustainability journey.”  

SmartestEnergy’s global businesses aligned around a shared vision and purpose before deciding to embark on an identity change. The identity concept that resonated with all businesses was a ‘switch’, represented in SmartestEnergy’s new logo; conveying its efforts to make it easy to switch to renewable energy for a switched on and greener generation.  

“The decision to rebrand wasn’t taken lightly, but it was clear it was needed. We were grappling with what it takes to be a global energy company, with a clear and unwavering focus on the clean energy transition at a global scale. And we needed our brand to evolve, to be as dynamic as we see ourselves, our customers and the markets that we’re operating in. We got to work exploring the journey that we’re on and our ambitions for the future, to land on a new brand that is more vibrant and representative of who we are today,” said Hayley Thompson, VP Global Marketing.  

Acknowledging that the journey to 100% renewable energy is complex, and businesses are at different stages with unique needs, SmartestEnergy will be evolving its product offering, helping accelerate the adoption of renewables quicker than ever before by switching businesses onto the need for clean energy and playing a more active role in the energy system as it evolves.