SmartestEnergy proudly sponsor the 2041 ClimateForce Expedition to Antarctica
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SmartestEnergy were approached by Caroline Marriage, an employee of one of our technology partners, Origami, with an exciting opportunity to sponsor the 2041 ClimateForce Expedition to Antarctica, led by polar explorer Robert Swan, OBE.

Caroline travelled to Antarctica onboard the Ocean Victory to embark upon a 12-day trip, as part of the 2041 Foundation ClimateForce "Leadership on the Edge" expedition. 150+ people united in a common mission to better the planet, raise awareness and inspire individuals to become sustainable leaders in the battle against climate change.

The 2041 Foundation is on a 50-year mission to help preserve Antarctica by engaging businesses and communities on climate science, personal leadership, renewable technologies, and promoting measurable action plans surrounding sustainable development. With only 19 years remaining, it grows ever more critical year by year. 

Led by sustainability champion, Robert Swan, OBE, the first person to trek to both the North and South Poles, Caroline explored the landscape and wildlife of the Antarctic and observed glaciers and ice bergs with shore landings at key sites along the Antarctic Peninsula. 

Caroline wanted to witness first-hand the impacts of climate change in this untouched part of the world, with the aim to use this experience to learn how to adapt her lifestyle to be less impactful on the planet, strengthen her understanding of the issues, and develop leadership skills with a view to share her learning and experience.  

Upon Caroline’s return to the UK, she said: 

"It’s easy to see how the continent holds 70% of the Earth’s water. However, the annual sea ice that surrounds Antarctica in the winter is decreasing in size".  

"While I was there Antarctica was seeing record temperatures with the Concordia base seeing 40 degrees higher than ever before; an ice shelf the size of Rome broke off the continent; and as a team we experienced rain whilst on the Antarctic peninsula. All of these are stark indicators of the threat posed to Antarctica by climate change and as global temperatures rise the effects of the meting Antarctic ice on sea levels will have devastating results on many areas of the world", she continues.   

SmartestEnergy is focused on driving the transition to a low carbon future.  Our sponsorship for the expedition highlights our support of the green agenda, focusing on engaging our employees and wider stakeholders in discussion and action around climate change, drawing specific attention to the challenges faced and the preservation of the Antarctic. We look forward to welcoming Caroline to our ‘Net Zero Festival’ in the Summer to share her experience on this trip of a lifetime with attendees.   

To find out more about Caroline’s Antarctic Expedition with Foundation 2041, read her blog here. You can also make a donation here.