We provide independent generators with a competitive route to market and opportunities to maximise their assets’ potential


Renewable independent market share

As a champion of renewable generators since 2001, we have built longstanding relationships with those at the forefront of asset finance, development and operation.


Our renewable generation capacity

All of our current export contracts combine to result in an impressive capacity, which isn’t far off of the entire installed capacity of Great Britain in the 1920s (1924: 3.72GW)!


Equivalent British households powered

Based on our expected annual volume, we will be powering a vast number of businesses, which if equated to something we can all relate to – our homes – means we’d be able to power a large number of households!

Case studies

Learn more about our contracts with generators, green gas producers and those harnessing flexibility by exploring some of our customer stories below...

Allt Dearg Wind Farm was established with a community approach and debt financed, achieving exceptional annual capacity factors of up to 55%

Allt Dearg Wind Farm

Atholl Estate is home to five hydropower schemes that provide a vital revenue stream to support the Estate's wider operations

Atholl Estate

Infinis Kirkby-in-Ashfield Gas Peaking Plant is providing highly responsive power supporting the transition to a smarter and more flexible energy system

Infinis Kirkby-in-Ashfield Gas Peaking Plant
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Customer Service

Existing customers can find day-to-day contract information online and reach out to our customer service team directly

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