SmartestEnergy is one of the largest buyers and sellers of renewable certificates in the UK and across Europe. Our expert in-house team supports renewable generators, green gas producers and businesses with their transactions, to realise both their short-term and long-term energy strategies – contact us to get a renewable certificates quote.

Expert Export support

SmartestEnergy has been championing the role of renewable generators since 2001. We were established to help support assets owners in securing the value they deserve for their renewable energy generation and green gas production, as well as the associated renewable certificates that authenticate these exports to the grid.

Informed Consumers

On the consumer side, SmartestEnergy also helps businesses and other suppliers achieve their renewable energy procurement and net-zero objectives by ensuring they have the correct certificate volumes to report with confidence. We work with businesses seeking to show leadership, such as RE100 companies, and we also assist other suppliers seeking to supply renewable-backed power to their customers.

We do this by working closely with the Carbon Trust in the UK and EKOenergy Label in Europe to audit and label the renewable certificates we purchase and our products’ fuel mix. With our recent expansion into North America, we are also able to assist with renewable certificates transactions in the United States.

Certificates we trade across the UK and Europe:

  • Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs)
  • Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin Certificates (REGOs)
  • Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin Certificates (RGGOs)
  • Guarantee of Origin Certificates (GOs) issued by EU member states

A bespoke service:

We offer a range of prices depending on requirements, such as whether you require a price fixed for a period of time, a flexible price appropriate to your risk approach, or floating. Whatever your business needs, we will do our best to help. In addition, we offer a range of payment terms and can help with related financing considerations – reach out to our in-house renewables trading team by completing this short form.

What about green gas?

By procuring green gas instead of conventional gas, businesses are able to reduce their carbon footprint to meet their sustainability goals and support wider decarbonisation efforts. A market for Renewable Gas Guarantee of Origin Certificates (RGGOs) helps to provide the confidence needed to grow the proportion of green gas in the gas network and allow producers to receive additional value for their gas based on consumer demand.

We can offer both fixed and flexible pricing for green gas, inclusive of certificate prices, and are poised to help producers receive the maximum value for their green gas outputs - read more about RGGOs.

Contact our in-house trading team:

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