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SmartestEnergy is working to empower a greener generation

Established as an aggregator of independent generation projects in 2001, we are on a mission to lead the way to a 100% renewable energy system that delivers a better future for all. Empowering a greener generation.

As a next-generation energy company, SmartestEnergy is in the business of helping companies on the journey to a decarbonised and decentralised energy system, driving a smarter transition to net-zero globally.

The energy revolution is happening now. Our business model is helping to develop a smart energy system enabled by distribution connected renewable generation and flexible energy consumption.


As the UK’s leading purchaser of independent generation, supplier of renewable electricity, and provider of demand response services, SmartestEnergy is perfectly placed to help smart businesses achieve their energy goals. With expertise across the UK energy landscape, we help businesses to see the big picture.

Established in 2001, SmartestEnergy is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Marubeni corporation. We’re a stable, well-resourced business with an independent voice to recommend what’s best for our customers on their net zero journeys, providing the products and tools needed to report zero carbon emissions.

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Our Business Division - supplying electricity and gas to small and medium-sized enterprises - offers fixed contract options, smart meters and data accessibility to support customers in reducing their energy consumption and costs. We help to provide businesses with more control over their energy usage and contribute to a more sustainable future:

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Industrial and Commercial (I&C)

Whether your company is looking to become a more active consumer of electricity or minimise the chance of unpredictable costs, SmartestEnergy are supporting I&C customers through the transition to a decentralised energy system and evolving to meet their changing needs:

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Smart Generation

The UK is no longer powered by a small number of large fossil-fuelled power stations. We partner with a network of independent energy entrepreneurs who are building a cleaner, more decentralised and resilient energy system throughout the UK:

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Energy flexibility

In the new energy landscape, balancing the grid is everyone’s priority. We help businesses see energy as an asset that can be managed intelligently to create additional value. Our team harnesses the flexibility of both end consumers and energy generators, identifying the most effective market opportunities for each project:

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