The process of switching to SmartestEnergy Business is both easy and straightforward. We start the registration of supply from your existing supplier approximately 28 days before your expected switch date. Should you require a faster transfer, we should be able to complete the transfer in just 5 working days, subject to industry checks and acceptance.


Smart meter installation

Once you have switched to us , our meter operator will contact you to arrange installation of your smart meter. Alternatively you may be invited to book online via our meter booking calendar. If you do not have a compatible meter, our aim is to install one free of charge within 4-8 weeks of your transfer, but in some circumstances it may take a little longer. If your monthly bill is due in the meantime, simply provide us with a meter reading at the end of each calendar month to avoid getting an estimated bill.

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Business acceptance

Our Business Acceptance Policy ensures a wide majority of businesses can benefit from our competitive products and leading services. All businesses are subject to a credit check and acceptance criteria unless applying for our SmartPay product. If you have any questions about our Business Acceptance Policy, please contact our dedicated UK Sales Support Team here.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Q. When do you collect the first payment?

    A. Your first Budget Plan payment will be collected approximately 2 weeks after your service start date with SmartestEnergy Business. The payment amount is confirmed in the welcome pack sent to you shortly after sign-up and again in the email you receive on your service start date.

  • Q. Will you credit check my business?

    A. We will check your details with an approved credit reference agency to assess your ability to make payments and the services we can offer you. If you do not pass the credit check, we will contact you to advise the options available. If your business is not a limited entity we may require (with your consent) to complete a consumer credit check. We will not credit check your business if you are applying for our SmartPay product.

  • Q. When will I receive a final bill from my previous supplier?

    A. When you switch to SmartestEnergy Business, we ask for an opening meter reading to send to your previous supplier so they can close your account and issue a final bill. Timing of a final bill can differ depending on the supplier but you should expect one within 6 weeks of switching to us.

  • Q. Why do I need to provide an opening meter reading?

    A. You'll need to provide us with your first reading manually, no matter what type of meter you've got. This enables us to start billing you correctly and the previous supplier to issue your final bill. Thereafter we will arrange to install a smart meter so readings can be taken automatically. If you already have a smart meter that is compatible to our service, we should be able to connect to it and take readings automatically.

  • Q. Why has my previous supplier objected to the transfer?

    A. Suppliers tend to object to a transfer if you are still in contract with them or if there is an outstanding debt on the account. Either way it is best to contact your existing supplier to discuss overcoming the objection. You can then contact our Sales Support Team here who will be happy to reattempt the supply registration.