SmartestEnergy Business migrates SoLR customer portfolio to new, revolutionary platform ‘Honeycomb’
Company news

SmartestEnergy Business Limited is pleased to announce the successful migration of the recent SoLR customer portfolio from MA Energy to its new, revolutionary billing platform ‘Honeycomb’.

Having been appointed by Ofgem as SoLR (Supplier of Last Resort) for MA Energy Limited customers, SmartestEnergy Business Limited has now successfully migrated approximately 1,000 business supply points with a combined usage of 116 GWh to it’s next-generation energy billing platform Honeycomb. The new platform is an innovative and robust solution that will transform the company’s legacy billing process, streamline operational capabilities across of the business, and enhance the overall user and customer experience.

Elizabeth Romaine, Head of IT at SmartestEnergy Business commented: "I’m very proud of the exceptional work from everyone involved in the SoLR project to onboard these customers in a smooth, timely and well-informed manner. Teams from across the business have collaborated with great enthusiasm to overcome a number of challenges, in an exceptionally short timeframe.”

She added “A substantial portfolio like MA Energy migrating to the Honeycomb platform serves as a fantastic test for this new capability, and has allowed us to develop an end-to-end process that will help us optimise future customer migration, along with any further bidding in the SoLR process. Whist the unfortunate aftershock of wholesale price volatility is still being felt, this presents a real opportunity to broaden our reach to the UK energy market and support the small-mid sized business community.”

One significant attribute to the success of the migration, has been the long-standing partnership that SmartestEnergy Business has with leading software solutions company Red Bear Software Limited, the developer of the Honeycomb platform.

Chris Wood, Managing Director from Red Bear said "We’ve been a partner of SmartestEnergy Business for many years and this project has highlighted how fantastic outcomes can be achieved when partners work closely together. We're incredibly proud of how well our next-generation cloud-scale billing system has performed during this migration. The need to accurately deliver on processes and workflows from the secure transfer of customer data, supply meter profiling, industry flows and of course bill run fulfilment, are all key areas that we’ve thrived in providing our expertise and support on. It’s critical to our business that as a supplier, SmartestEnergy Business can offer its customers a first-class billing solution that is reliable and scalable to their own growth ambitions.”.

To find out more about the SoLR for MA Energy customers, please visit the dedicated web page here.