SmartestEnergy Business Renewable Product Launch
Company news

SmartestEnergy Business encourages UK small-medium sized businesses to reduce carbon emissions with the launch of its renewable products.

Building on the success of last week’s ‘Net Zero Week’ Festival event (sponsored by SmartestEnergy Limited), the Group’s Business Division, SmartestEnergy Business Limited is pleased to launch its latest offering to UK small-medium sized businesses – ‘SmartFix Renewable’.

Alongside its existing products, SmartestEnergy Business’s added renewable proposition makes it simple for business owners to procure renewable energy and support the UK’s ambitious net-zero targets, whilst controlling their own energy overheads.

Customers can ‘SmartFix’ competitive electricity prices and protect against future wholesale increases for up to five years. The longer the fix, the more peace of mind business owners have over price and commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

SmartFix Renewable products are powered by a blend of renewable generation including natural sources such as wind, solar and hydro. Every unit of electricity purchased is matched by an equivalent UK or European renewable certificate.

Renewable certificates show energy has been generated from renewable sources, evidencing zero carbon emissions for Scope 2 Green House Gas (GHG). They are issued for every megawatt hour (MWh) of renewable energy produced and recorded on the Ofgem (regulator) register annually.

Commenting on the launch, Richard Bartlett VP Sales & Marketing, SmartestEnergy Business, said, “Despite the challenges faced by businesses from the pandemic, we are starting to see heightened awareness of the net-zero agenda and growing demand for renewable energy from within the small business community. There is no greater global cause, and we are delighted with the positive support this launch is getting from customers, partners and employees alike.”

He added, “It’s becoming clear that more businesses are taking direct responsibility and even looking beyond their own actions, including ways to reduce or offset carbon emission across their value chain. We want to be their chosen supplier to support them on their journey and help them build a sustainable solution that aligns with the UK’s broader climate reduction targets linked to net-zero. Choosing renewable energy is a straightforward but highly effective way to springboard the change needed to support the country’s energy transition.”

Learn more about the SmartFix Renewable product range from SmartestEnergy Business here.