SmartestEnergy Limited issue Renewable Energy Labels to UK I&C business sites to evidence zero-carbon emissions
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SmartestEnergy Limited in the UK have issued their Industrial and Commercial (I&C) business customers with Energy Labels, enabling them to evidence zero-carbon emissions for the renewable electricity they procure on a site-by-site basis.  

For a sixth year running, SmartestEnergy Limited in the UK have distributed Energy Labels to their UK I&C customers’ sites, recognising their commitment to a net-zero carbon future and evidencing zero-carbon emissions for their renewable electricity procurement.  

Last year, SmartestEnergy distributed approx. 2,000 Energy Labels to I&C business sites and are pleased to see this number increasing as even more businesses are now opting for 100% renewable energy, turning their net-zero ambitions into action and reducing their carbon footprint. 

All of SmartestEnergy’s I&C customers on a certified 100% Renewable Electricity Supply Product – Renewable Standard, Renewable Specific or Renewable Natural – have been issued an annual Energy Label showing their product fuel mix for the certification period (01 Apr 2020 – 31 Mar 2021). 

Every megawatt hour of electricity supplied to SmartestEnergy's renewable customers during the reporting period is backed with a UK-recognised origin certificate. Using their unique Emissions Factor Model, SmartestEnergy allocate one origin certificate to every megawatt hour supplied to their renewable customers. This robust process ensures there is no double-counting or under-allocation of certificates. To provide added assurance, this process is certified by the Carbon Trust 

Once the Carbon Trust audit is complete, SmartestEnergy publish their annual fuel mix online and create individual Energy Labels for all their renewable customers. 

The Energy Label also allows businesses to showcase their sustainability credentials to their customers and stakeholders by publicly displaying it in their offices/stores. It can also be used to support their corporate sustainability reporting, PR and media campaigns and to drive internal engagement in their net-zero journey. 

The concept of the Energy Label was introduced by the Aldersgate Group in 2014 and SmartestEnergy were the first supplier in the UK to embrace this initiative, enabling their customers to evidence the source of their renewable supply.  

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