SmartestEnergy adapts to the future smart grid outlook

As a next generation energy company, we are always looking ahead and proactively developing innovative solutions for our customers. Robert Groves, Chief Executive Officer, believes that the future is moving towards a ‘smart grid’ approach and explains what we are doing to adapt and grow our business.

Looking ahead, we can see a shift towards a smart grid outlook and we plan to be ready for that future.

A smart grid approach will mean that our energy will be managed more efficiency and more...

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Do Corporate PPA’s play a part in a subsidy-free future?

Ofgem recently confirmed that the Feed-in-Tariff will close in April 2019, moving the UK even closer to a subsidy-free future. Rob Luke, Head of Origination explores the role that Corporate PPA’s will play in supporting future new renewable generation.

The feed-in-tariff (FiT) has been instrumental to the installation of new small scale renewable generators, providing approximately 6,015MW capacity over the eight years, since the scheme started.

The announcement that the FiT scheme will be...

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CEO Blog: National Grid’s Future Energy Scenarios prepare the industry for big changes over next 30 years

The energy landscape is changing rapidly, but what does the future hold for the next 30 years? Chief Executive Officer, Robert Groves comments on some of the headline statistics from National Grid’s recent Future Energy Scenarios Report.

In the last couple of years, we’ve seen the energy system transform. Renewable generation provided a record-breaking 29% of the UK’s electricity in 2017, and just last month it was reported that the UK has already recorded 1,000 hours of coal-free generation so ...

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Heatwave enables record generation for Solar Generators

Solar generation hit an all-time high during the last week in June, providing a record breaking 533GWh. With continued record-breaking temperatures, clear blue skies and plenty more sunshine forecast for the foreseeable summer, Chris Smith, Head of Renewables, explains the Power market trends we have seen over recent months. Looking further at what this means for solar generators in the UK if we continue to experience extended heatwaves like this year-on-year.

This year has seen temperatures...

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Embracing future supply market arrangements that will expand options for customers nationwide

David Cockshott, Chief Commercial Officer, explores the consumer benefits that will arise from opening up options for customers to buy and sell electricity from more than one party. He explores the pros as well as the cons, and urges a structured, planned and considered set of changes that protects consumers and suppliers equally.

The premise of a discussion paper published by Elexon in April centred on recommendations to change contractual arrangements to create an opportunity for customers to ...

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What does Revenue Perspective for Generators look like in 2018 - Quarter 3 and 4?

Generators have a positive outlook ahead, with the longest number of coal free days in history, significant strength in the UK power price market and increased volatility in the short-term market. Following the Generator Revenue Stream Forecast webinar in June, Chris Smith, Head of Renewable Sales, explores what is in store for generators for the remainder of the year.

The renewables industry is continuing to grow in importance, as renewables now comprise 30% of capacity in the overall...

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SmartestEnergy launches game-changing new business function

Following the launch of our new Asset Optimisation business function, Robert Groves, Chief Executive Officer, explains how our team have been leading the way in the flexibility market and recaps on the celebratory launch event enjoyed by customers.

Last week, SmartestEnergy hosted a customer launch event to celebrate our new Asset Optimisation business function. The event centered around our unique offering in the flexibility market space, and our ability to create both commercial value and...

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What consumer trends are putting the spotlight on Corporate PPAs?

Our Strategic Sales Manager, Michael Watts looks at Corporate PPAs from the consumer’s point of view. He explores the consumer trends driving interest in these agreements and why we expect to see them accelerate in the future.

With renewable subsidies already allocated to existing generation projects, we’re seeing a hiatus in new project development and generators have begun to actively seek alternative sources of funding. This has put an increasing focus on the role of large power consumers to ...

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Raising the bar with our exceptional customer loyalty score

Our latest Net Promoter Score has just been released at +59. By beating a previous best of +47 it moves SmartestEnergy into the excellent category, on a par with multinational tech firms rather than UK utilities. Andy Cormie, Vice President Supply, explains how we achieved this score and why customers value us.

At SmartestEnergy we see supply as a partnership, where value for our customers is generated through bespoke service and support over the life of the agreement.

We recognise that...

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Is your business ready for next winter’s system price changes?

From the 1st November 2018, there will be changes to the way the system price (also known as the cash-out price) is calculated. James Graham, Deputy Vice President of Asset Optimisation, looks at how these changes will impact market volatility and how businesses can prepare themselves for next winter.

What’s happening?

Industry body Elexon are implementing three changes to the way they calculate the system price as a result of the Balancing and Settlement Code P305:

  1. Reducing the Price Average...

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